M&J at Andromeda


Ceremony Venue:

Andromeda villas

Reception Venue:

small hall of Pyrgos restaurant

Couple's Accomodation:

Smaragdi (Perissa)

Bridal MakeUp & Hairstyling:

Julia Afanasenko


Sergey Torgashinov

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Couple's review

Katerina, I would like to thank your team for organizing and coordinating such a special day for us. Thank you for bringing to life all the wishes we have had. Your team on the island is amazing! The florists did everything exactly as we wanted, the bouquet and decorations of the gazebo were absolutely as we described! The pastry chef baked exactly the same cake as on my picture:) Yana proved to be a real godsend to us, we understood each other from half a word and I did not worry about the ceremony or the dinner for a minute. Everything was very well organized! The girls on the island helped with steaming the dresses, took them to and from, did everything possible and impossible for us! In general, thank you that we really enjoyed this day! Thank you for everything! We are very happy that this day was exactly as we imagined it!

P.S. Thank you personally, Katerina, for explaining everything in details when preparing documents for our non-standard case and for the entire pre-wedding organization!

Michael & Julia


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