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We create truly fairytale weddings in the world’s most beautiful island Santorini. Romantic elopements, ceremonies "just for two" and intimate weddings for up to 40 guests, that’s what we love and specialize in.

Our key priorities are to make planning of your wedding day from thousands of miles away from your home easy and stress free for you and to allow you to enjoy your celebration to the fullest! Vanilla Sky Weddings team will carefully bring you through all steps of the preparation, from finding the best venue to creating an ideal wedding scenario according to your wishes and budget. Your personal coordinator will supervise every part of your wedding day, to make everything exactly how you envisioned.

8 years of experience in organizing weddings and cooperation with talented local florists, stylists, photographers, videographers and entertainment specialists helps us to guarantee that your wedding fairytale will be so perfect you couldn't imagine better! Be sure we’ll make your event very special and memorable regardless budget you spend on it.


Our Weddings & Testimonials

Our newlyweds are exceptional people who have made their dream of an amazing wedding in the most romantic island of Santorini come true! Our portfolio is something we are proud of and something we inspire you with!

Wedding Packages "Just For Two"

Choose your own special elopement package and we will carefully customize it to your individual needs and vision, to create your celebration with your love-life so unique and memorable!

Wedding Packages with guests

Choose your perfect combination of the professional wedding services we offer among the variety of our packages, to create your unforgettable special day in Santorini with your family and close friends! 

Wedding Locations & Venues

When it comes to selecting the perfect place to have a fairytale elopement with your other half, mini-wedding or bigger celebration, Santorini truly is your oyster. Narrowing down your options can be harrowing, so we’re here to help you select the perfect locale for your ceremony and reception, following your personal preferences, expectations and budget. Here is our list of unique wedding venues we offer for your special day on Santorini: exclusive 4 and 5-star hotels with ultra white terraces located on western rocky coast of Santorini, modern restaurants offering panoramic caldera view, secluded villas with totally private atmosphere, traditional wineries located on the caldera, "volcanic” black sand beach restaurants and much more.

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5 Reasons To Tell Us "YES!"

01. Transparent Budgeting


From our continuous cooperation with the most of wedding venues and talented local specialists, such as florists, stylists, photographers, videographers, musicians etc., actually the best of the best in Santorini, we are able to offer the most competitive prices to our couples. We guarantee official prices for each and every vendors' services without any added hidden fees, generously implementing special price' offers we've found, in your individual wedding packages. At every step of planning you will easy control your wedding spending and correct it if needed. Vanilla Sky Weddings will organize the highest quality service at your special day at an adequate cost.


02. Planning With No Stress


One of the key benefits of planning wedding with Vanilla Sky is that we turn preparations into a list of simple steps, which we carefully work out according to youir individual needs and wishes. From your initial communication with your Vanilla Sky Weddings consultant, you will have no worries about the process and will be relieved from stress during such an important period of your life! Undoubtedly you will achieve your dream such easy as you cannot even imagine!


03. All-You-May-Need Wedding Services


Here in Vanilla Sky Weddings we specialize in full-service wedding planning: from booking date & venue and tailoring individual decorative design to making timeline of all important activities during your special day. Working closely in team with all the wedding stuff, our experienced coordinators make every detail of your wedding to be excellent following pre-planned concept, on ceremony venue and during reception.


04. We Are Trusted By


Vanilla Sky Weddings first opened it’s doors in 2013. Since then our professional team planned, designed and coordinated almost 100 unique wedding celebrations for couples from different countries in the most romantic locations in Santorini. We work hard to customize every package tailored to your individual taste turning your special day into unforgettable fairy tale on the coast of Aegean sea! Our team professionally coordinates every part of your wedding day: from stylist arriving in your apartment in the morning to organizing transfer for you and your guests after party ends.


05. You Yourself Will Become Creators Of Your Dream


Become a magician who is creating an exclusive fairy tale of your romantic love in Santorini! Vanilla Sky Weddings team is here to be with you every step of the way and pass you through the whole process of wedding planning to the perfect day you were dreaming of.


and receive personal offer for your wedding in Santorini