Craft an unforgettable and customized Marriage Proposal Package from the list of all-you-may-need engagement services that we are offering for your perfect big moment in Santorini. From only 1750 Euro! 

Get your inspiration from the Real Private Proposals we planned in our INSTAGRAM STORIES

What’s a better way to propose than by getting lost in breathtaking views from Santorini cliffside? Santorini island is one of the most magical places in the world! To be engaged here in Santorini is on a lot of peoples bucket lists. Unique volcanic landscape with lots of white washed buildings and iconic cave houses, carved in the cliffs of the biggest caldera on the planet Earth, hundreds of churches with blue domes, deep Aegean sea and spectacular sunset views, that are recognized around the world, - all together they create an incredible backdrop for any engagement photo. 


Here are a number of amazingly beautiful rooftops located on western cliffside that can make this day extremely special for you and your loved one! You can have an exciting light blue cloudless sky or painted sky during the sunset as you propose to the person of your dreams, and then enjoy champagne and watch the sunset fade completely and see the magical lights of the towns on Santorini cliffs while being newly engaged.

We love to host private engagements at a rustic yet elegant private venues and villas that we сarefully selected among the most epic and intimate places in Santorini and are offering to you. Let us evaluate your vision and budget for your perfect proposal, and we'll quickly come up with ideas on location, set up and any extra services, to create the unique and romantic mood you've been aiming for.

For the best engagement proposal in Santorini do yourself a favor and plan with us! Our engagement planning team takes on all preparation process and unrival coordinating of your fairytale big moment for you and your other half on site.



ENGAGEMENT PACKAGE with candle lit dinner *venue included

Price: from 2600 Euro


  • Engagement proposal planning under guidance and support of your personal consultant from our team
  • Professional services of your personal engagement coordinator on site
  • Reservation of an amazing white washed balcony located in one of the most epic places on the caldera for your big moment followed by romantic candle lit dinner *for 2 hrs totally
  • Floral center piece and candles for the dinner table 
  • Bouquet for your fiancée made of seasonal flowers (see our selection of bouquets)
  • Beautiful recorded background music
  • Rose petals for throwing after the proposal moment
  • A bottle of sparkling wine, served after the proposal moment
  • 4-courses menu for your private candle lit dinner with a bottle of Santorinian wine


STEP 1 - Choose Your Ideal Venue for Proposal  


We have a lot of beautiful venues to choose from depending on the setting you would like to create and the budget you would like to spend on the location' rental. Just imagine how you two are entering the iconic authentic balcony or caldera cliff edge decorated with an arch, flowers and candles, you get down on one knee and shock your love-life into silence by asking if she’ll spend the rest of your lives together as husband and wife.

Check out the following scenic venues that we are offering for your future enchanting engagement in Santorini:



An authentic balcony set in simple Cycladic design, with a white wooden gazebo and unobstructed panoramic views of the caldera bay. Great choice for those who wants to embrace the laid-back and rustic Santorini vibes for their engagement proposal! More photos and description. 



A small white washed balcony in the heart of Fira town, with beautiful white arch, absolutely breathtaking view of the Aegean blue and an option to transform the event into an intimate candlelight dinner with delicious Meditterranean food, to also celebrate your big moment after the sunset!  



One of our favorite authentic private villas for engagements on the island! Perfect place for reservation to make an incredible celebration of love with epic views over the caldera bay. Especially if you are planning to have full privacy with an opportunity to head off to candlelight sunset dinner right here on the venue, the owner provides delicious menu and high quality service. More photos and description.    



Stunning rustic style of this private balcony and magical views over the caldera will create an unforgettable vibes for you and your other half! Perfectly located in one of the most picturesque cliffside settlements, Imerovigli, the venue offers the intimate space for both engagement and the following romantic dinner under the white wooden gazebo overlooking the sunset. More photos and description.    

More venues for your perfect marriage proposal in Santorini:

  • Secluded cliff edge

Natural locale on the northwestern coast of Santorini nearby Imerovigli village. Here you will make a proposal with one-of-a-kind view - the caldera behind you and nothing more than an arch with flowers to frame the moment.

  • and many other amazing locations overlooking caldera bay!

Simply write email to us [email protected] to receive more available venues for your unforgettable Engagement experience in Santorini and get inspiration from our Instagram.


STEP 2 - Choose Add-ons & Top Notch Vendors


We offer you to WOW your future fiancée by adding personal touches and even more romance to your big proposal moment. Check out the most popular add-ons to book and create your enchanting one-of-a-kind engagement proposal in Santorini:



For 1-2-3 hours depending on your choice, to capture incredible moments for you to remember forever: the proposal, dance, walking in beautiful locations of the island, private dinner.



Give yourselves a present and have a dance surrounded by bright sparklers, with the beautiful romantic music as an ideal backdrop! It creates a very sweet, tearfull scene that you will remember for a lifetime.  



Romantic background music or live musician to accompany your big moment.  



To celebrate your love with a glass of champagne and tasty food.   



Your fiancée will fall in love with the beautiful fresh flowers which our talented florists carefully combine in the bouquet of her dreams!



Let us know your vision on decorations and style and we'll be able to run with it and create a stunningly elegant look to your venue that let the flowers really stand out.



Decorative lightning brings truly breathtaking vibes to the whole setting. It may be heart made of windproof candles and rose petals. 



MARRY ME, your initials, LOVE, MR & MRS, a heart and any other ideas possible to add significance and beauty to your engagement celebration. 

And, of course, private candle lit dinner after your big moment to celebrate your love under the Aegean stars overlooking famous sunset: at one of the best gourmet restaurants on caldera cliffs where we'll book the table for you and your other half or on secluded private balcony at one of the venues that we are offering.

That's not all that we are able to provide you with. Show us your vision and wishes on how your perfect engagement scene has to look like and let us come up with the ideas and suggestions of possible places, setting, decorations and vendors such as photographer, videographer, musician, etc. for reservation. 

Check out all additional services for Engagements in Santorini from Vanilla Sky team.


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We have been obsessed with Engagement Proposals since before we started planning weddings in Santorini in 2013 and knew the significance of big proposal moment. That's why we have endless ideas on locations and settings, here on magical Santorini slopes, that we adapt to your liking and specifications. We truly love how we have seen each couple bring their own unique flare to engagement and enjoy every minute of being together in this fairytale scene.

We’re on a mission to make getting engaged in Santorini joy-filled and fun! By taking on all planning and coordinating, and everything else in between, by taking care of every step on the way to your big proposal moment, by taking all the stress away and handling any obstacles. You will be provided with a personal coordinator who serves as your go-to person from start to finish, to make sure you both will look and feel your best, and with topnotch professionals, specific vendors that we trust , who handle all the details of your celebration of love. Our aim is to make your marriage proposal magical allowing you to relax and enjoy! 

Everything you need for a no-stress, intimate engagement in a spectacular outdoor location in Santorini!  

Our engagement planning team is here to help you figure out the perfect location for your unique big proposal moment. Simply choose the day, book with Vanilla Sky team and settle on doing the proposal at any hidden gem from our list of authentic places for this special day: venues / rooftops / villas / private balconies / restaurants / cliff edges. We are happy to provide all the support and resources you need to confidently choose a perfect venue and bring to life a fairytale engagement that you and your fiancée will remember for years!

The most simple marriage proposal package that we are offering starts from only 1550 Euro. You are able to customize it according to your personal wishes and budget by adding more interesting ideas - florals and custom décor to reflect your romantic mood, photo shoot in the most picturesque places on the island, candlelight sunset dinner with Greek food and wine, etc. It is easy to create your individual proposal package with Vanilla Sky and live the beautiful cohesive engagement of your dreams which will be one of a kind and unique to your love story. 

The design and the finished look of your perfect engagement setting in Santorini will be more romantic than you could even imagine!

We would also suggest to book a Flying Dress Photo Shoot with the talented photographers from our Vanilla Sky Team to add an unforgettable experience to your ultimate surprise proposal moment! 




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Vanilla Sky Team will up the odds for a successful engagement proposal by being meticulous about all the details!

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